Regenerative Design

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The Earth is the initiator of Drop Into .Earth with the vision and drive to improve upon our Organization. Bringing 3.5 billion years of planetary regulation experience to the table. We trust in the power of emergence that comes through direct contact. We honour "her" work by also planning 7 generations into the future when facilitating, and making sure that our work is with carried out with whole system's awareness.

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Ecosystemic Facilitator

Martin is a facilitator of Drop Into .Earth inspired to enable people to facilitate workshops and host spaces for ecosystemic change. He has been an environmental activist for a decade, with a background in Organizational Leadership and Innovation working with NGO's such as Greenpeace and Corporations such as Norges Gruppen, and Bestseller Intl.

I deeply trust in the logic of life. I am space for you - lets work together.

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Circular Economics Facilitator

Anna is a circular thinker, with a background in economics from NHH Bergen Norway. She is a board member of rethinking economics and called to facilitate change and adaptation into the economies of the future.



Teacher, teacher trainer, deep ecologist, permaculturist and regenerative design practitioner

I am involved in the Work that Reconnects through the Small Earth Institute, whose aim is to nurture Earth appreciation and promote deep ecology initiatives in social systems, especially schools. I run wellness weekends at our permaculture farm, where the emphasis is wellness (wholeness) through deep time walks, through re-connection to nature and through the spiral and practices of The Work that Reconnects. She can be reached at: Dennelillejord@gmail.com